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Hello, I’m

Designer / Developer

I’m from a fishing village in the Chesapeake Bay. I started learning about technology in the 1st grade and I have been fascinated ever since. By the  8th grade I entered the county science fair, where I built my first computer, and coded my first website. Where I was awarded a blue ribbon for my efforts. I then went on to build my first for profit at website  at 14, for which I’m still providing services for this client. This isn’t just my job this is my passion.

What I do


I have always loved design. I first started with photoshop 2.5, and I keep up with the latest trends in software today.


I designed and developed my first commercial website when I was 13 years old. The company is still a client of mine to this day.

iso builder

I currently help to build a distributions of linux. Hefftor Linux.


Explain your issue. I have a solution to your problem.


I volunteer my time at B'MORE Active, to help the residents of the city of Baltimore.

Project manage

Meet deadlines, and exceed profit margins.

Work process

Work smarter not harder. Be productive. Design a work process. Using this philosophy, trial and error, and detailed note taking, I've designed my own work process.







Work Experience

  • 2021- Current

    Graphic Designer

    Legacy Medical Sales

    I handle the visual side of Legacy Medical Sales. The content that I create is often the first time a customer or client notices LMS. People may learn about Legacy Medical Sales from an advertisement, and if their branding isn’t clear, they won’t reach customers. An experienced Graphic Designer like myself however, can ensures the branding is consistent across all channels and that the company is making the most out of every penny spent on advertising.
    Other duties and responsibilities at Legacy Medical include: Work with other creative team members to produce content. Create guidelines for how logos and other branding materials should be displayed and used. Help make design choices (e.g., fonts and colors) for all content the company uses.
  • 2020- Current

    Current Installs: 41983

    Community Manager / ISO Builder

    Hefftor Linux

    My responsibilities include Maintaining the HefftorLinux community, building and maintaining the websites and several back-end applications, configuring, compiling, and rebuilding GUI Environments, as well as maintaining the community environments, connections, and network. The current Hefftor team includes members on five continents. Targeted ad campaigns have helped our distribution become popular in Germany, India, and the US
  • 2016- 2021


    Fire Lion Digital

    Responsible for following leads, building websites, designing brands, from logo design to color selection, and creating promotional materials, such as but not limited to social media posts, business cards, fliers, and forums. Scheduling and managing a team of seven to meet goals and finish projects to meet deadlines. Researching new processes to increase revenue. Designed all promo materials, including banners, flyers, signs, business cards, and numerous websites. Maintain numerous information systems for a variety of clients. Creating promotional materials and built web applications utilizing various programs and methods.
  • 2019-2021


    LION | OS

    LionOS was a Linux distribution based on MX Linux. Creator of the operating system, I once was managing a team of fourteen. Creating and  maintaining the various websites, forums, databases, repositories, packages, and social media accounts. Lion|OS had been downloaded in 112 countries.
  • 2007-2016


    US DOD Contractor

    Evaluated software for security flaws, and planned maintenance and upgrading for over 14,000 units. Operating systems used included both Microsoft Windows and Redhat Linux.Researched and identified system and security patches and perform system upgrades/patches in accordance with Army/DoD IT security standards. Provided technical leadership to the NOC support staff in troubleshooting problems and addressing network outages. Conducted backup and recovery plan and execution to meet corporate standards.
  • 2002-2007


    Internet Connection, Inc

    Designed and manufactured new servers, while maintaining existing servers. Upgraded existing servers and troubleshooting hardware, and software.

I am always excited for new projects​