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Kool Ice and Seafood- A Case Study

We just deployed Kool Ice & Seafood’s new website this week, and we are proud to share our insight from this experience. Kool Ice & Seafood is already seeing results from this project and we are pleased to have facilitated them on their path to growing their business online.

Project Goals

Kool Ice & Seafood wanted to take back control of their image on the web. Their customers frequently had problems accessing their site because it was created in 1999. The site still ran on Flash, thus making it incompatible with mobile devices and many modern computers. The site also had out of date information that would easily mislead their visitors. In addition, a Facebook page had been made by a third party that maliciously spread even more misinformation about Kool ICE. We were tasked with correcting these problems.

Our Solution

We, at FireLion Digital, took all of these points into consideration and built them a clean, responsive site using WordPress technology. The new site has a modern, intuitive design and is compatible with all devices. All information about the business is up to date and ready for customer consumption and the Facebook page about Kool Ice is now under their management.


Kool Ice & Seafood is already seeing an increase in traffic to their new site. They now have more input on the kind of information that is circulating on the web about the business and is able to edit the new site through WordPress with much less hassle. This gives them a website makeover that tells their customers that they are ready to continue serving quality food in the future and without getting stuck in the ways of the past.